About GLME

GLME, or Gay and Lesbian Motorcyclists in Europe, is a federation of European lesbian and gay motorcycle clubs, that was founded in 1989 by:

Gay Bikers Motorcycle Club-GBMCC (GB)
Dutch Motor Club Pink Spirit-DMCPS (NL)
Gay Motards Geneva-GM (CH)
Gay Bikers Zürich-GBZ (CH)
Association Motocycliste Alternative-AMA (FR)
Gai Moto Club-GMC (FR)

Since then,

Belgian Gay Motorcycle Club Knalpijp-BGMC (BE)
Freizeit Motor Sport Gemeinschaft Stuttgart-FMSG (DE)
queerbiker.de-QB (DE)
Moto Club 1-MC1 (FR)
Coordinamento Moto Gay Lesbico-COMOG (IT)
Gruppo Alternativo Motociclisti-GAM (IT)
Guay Moteros (ES)
Asociación de Moteros Gay de España-AMGE (ES)

have also joined.

All of these clubs are for gay men and lesbians (and some even are open to heterosexual members). Individuals participate in GLME activities through membership of one of these clubs.
Together, membership of GLME clubs totals about 1200 lesbians and gay men.

see GLME Clublist


GLME’s main activities are the two ‘camps’ organised each year: one at Ascension weekend (4 days) and a week-long camp at the end of August for around 100 bikers each.

GLME member clubs take it in turn to organise these camps finding a good location and arranging runs and evening events. The list of past camps below is already long and evokes for participants fond memories of adventures, visits and new friends from other countries.